Black History Month

February is Black History Month, also known as African Heritage Month. Black History Month is a time to celebrate and highlight the best of Black History and culture, and to honour the ancestors and upcoming leaders of Black communities, their accomplishments and their continued fight for liberation. As we celebrate Black History month, February 1st to … Read more

International Day of Disabled Persons

December 3, 2023

International Day of Disabled Persons


International Day of disabled persons brings recognition to those with visible and invisible disabilities.

Not all disabilities are visible and so one must be mindful of this.

On this day various organizations both local and global come together to promote the rights, dignity, and well-being of people at all levels of society encountering these challenges..


An estimated 46% of older people aged 60 years and over are people with disabilities.

Of the one billion population of persons with disabilities, 80 % live in developing countries.

Did you know one in every five women is likely to experience disability in their life, while one in every ten children is a child with a disability.

As we reflect, let us bring awareness, support and focus on the challenges and barriers each individual faces.

Let us educate the public, and each other on issues and concerns to address and to celebrate and reinforce the achievements we have made so far.

Let us be supportive, thoughtful, and mindful of everyone every day and on this day December 03, 2023.


-Cupe local 5441, trustees, stewards and the ECQ officer recognizes and support all persons with disabilities-